Coach A. May Be to Blame For the Razorbacks Woes 12/27/18



Let me say this off the rip: I believe Coach Mike Anderson is still the right guy for the Arkansas men’s basketball coaching position! OK. Now, for the folk who want to criticize his play calling or lack there of, I agree sometimes. I yell and cuss on inbounds under the basket situations. Seems the Hogs always throw into the back court as if Jalen Harris will run some fancy back screen and cut play to get us an easy two. Jut doesn’t happen a whole lot. That’s on Coach Anderson. He seems to do well without an array of set plays. You can argue Coach not playing through big Daniel Gafford in the post more(I wouldn’t). Though Dan is limited he has enough moves to get a couple baskets on his own from time to time. I say he still needs a set up man as his offensive moves just aren’t there yet. But you can yell at Coach A. for not playing through Gafford! What I am going to yell at Coach Anderson about is personnel decisions. I cannot remember a time where I questioned Coach and his ability to know his guys and play the best five. In this case, and it may still be early or just a slump, Adrio Bailey has to be called out for his play. Yes, Bailey is getting a little too much go without having produced anything for this team in the past five ballgames. Adrio’s last five performances have been dreadful. Not to pile on but he has been bad. His numbers the last four outings:

* Colorado St. – 28 minutes, 5-7 FG, 6 reb., 10 points

* Western Kentucky – 26 minutes, 0-4 FG, 5 reb., 0 points

* UTSA – 13 minutes, 1-5 FG, 2 points, 3 reb.

* Georgia Tech – 11 minutes, 0-4 FG, 2 reb., 0 points

* Texas State – 11 minutes, 0-3 FG, 4 points, 5 reb.

Now you be the judge. reggie Chaney hasn’t lit the world on fire but his production exceeds that of the senior forward. The young bull is ready for SEC level basketball and Coach Anderson should let Reggie Chaney be the man at the power forward spot. I was always told that numbers do not lie. In that same five game stretch Chaney has averaged 7.8 points per and 5.4 rebounds a game. Not eye-popping for the young freshman but productive to where Adrio may be hurting the squad.

The starting five should be Harris, Joe, Jones, Chaney and Gafford. Bailey should have a role but Coach should define that role and be very specific with the senior forward.

Below we will leave you with the season numbers for this Razorbacks team. Arkansas (8-3) will host Austin Peay at Bud Walton Arena Friday December 28th @ 7 p.m.

PPG          RPG          APG          BPG            SPG

D. Gafford             17.6            9.3             0.9            2.4              1.0

I. Joe                       15.9            2.5             1.9             0                1.4

M. Jones                 14.5           5.3              3.2             0.1             1.2

J. Harris                 9.2             2.8              6.6             0.1             1.2

A. Bailey                7.1             4.0              1.0             1.2              0.9

R. Chaney              5.8             4.5              0.5             1.8             0.6

D. Sills                    4.9             1.3             1.7               0               0.6

K. Embery- Simpson   3.8     1.3             0.7              0.2             0.8

G. Osabuohien     2.7             3.1             1.0              0.5             0.5

*stats provided by

-Scott Wilson



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